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The future of China"s paper packaging market go from here


China, the United States, Europe, the size of the paper packaging market
"Going to production, going to inventory, deleveraging, lowering costs and making up for shortcomings" is the five basic requirements set by the Central Economic Work Conference for the current economic situation in China in 2017. It aims to advocate and drive innovation in order to achieve "China Manufacturing "to" create in China "," China's speed "to" China's quality "," China's low-end products "to" middle and high-end products "and" Chinese products "to" Chinese brands ".
Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, the Chinese economy has enjoyed tremendous growth and huge accumulation. However, overcapacity, imbalanced economic structure, uneven regional development, irrational industrial structure, low level of production technology and heavy environmental pressure are also problems More prominent.
There are data that China has 150,000 printing companies, there are data that China has 200,000 packaging and printing companies, of which about 50,000 paper packaging business, with more than 6,000 corrugated board production lines. The United States has more than 660 paper packaging companies, about 720 corrugated board production lines, about 60,000 - 70,000 employees; Europe has 686 paper packaging companies, more than 600 corrugated board production lines, about 78,800 employees. China, the United States, Europe, the average annual cardboard production of about 420 billion square meters.
"10% of the largest group of paper packaging control 90% of the market" is king
The development of China's paper packaging market must go the same way as European and American enterprises. It means that 10% of paper-packaging conglomerates control 90% of the market. The larger the larger, the better, and the worse. However, if China wants to reach the level of production in Europe and the United States, it is unclear how many cartons factories with backward production capacity will be eliminated and how many backward and backward production lines will be eliminated.
Because here has accumulated a large number of redundant construction, a large number of backward production capacity and homogenization of competition. Enterprises like to make quick money, like diversification, horizontal expansion, omnipotence, but the lack of vertical professional fine production, that is, the lack of "craftsmanship", lack of innovation, lack of quality, lack of high-end products, the ultimate lack of go out , The ability to go to the world market.
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